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Thedford, Nebraska is at the cross roads of the famous Sand Hills of Nebraska with highways 83 running North and South and 2 East and West. You will find us a friendly little town with a service stations, motel, a restaurant that is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm then from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm. "Fine Food and drink!" We also have the Thomas County Historical Society and an Art guild that are open on request!

17 miles East is the 2nd largest hand planted forest in the World, Halsey National Forest. To the North is thousands of acres of the National Game Refuge. To the West within 50 miles are two WORLD class golf clubs, Sandhills and Dismal River Clubs. There is also a nice 9 hole golf course just North of the Airport.

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We are an important hub for larger aircraft as there is not another airport with a runway of 4,400 ft or longer within 65 miles in any direction. We have a credit card pump with self-serve 100 LL Aviation Fuel and radio controlled runway lights controlled by the pilot on 122.9. A ford van is available as a courteous car, all donations are appreciated! APCH/DEP SVC PRVDD BY DENVER ARTCC ON FREQS 127.95/338.2 (AINSWORTH RCAG).




PO Box 22
Thedford, NE 69166